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Substitution Policy

To guarantee the freshest bouquet possible, we may replace some stems in your arrangement for color or flower variety. While we always do the best to match the picture shown, sometimes different vases may be used. Any substitution made will be similar to the original design and be of equal or greater value.

Floral and Plant Substitutions
For bouquets and plants of one variety, such as roses or orchids, we focus on matching the floral type but may substitute for different colors.
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Bursting Bouquet: A Kaleidoscope of Spring Splendor This exuberant bouquet bursts forth with the energy of a sun-drenched garden. Imagine a symphony of colors, where each petal sings in harmony. Let’s explore the captivating elements that compose this lively arrangement.

1. Hot Pink Ranunculus: These papery petals unfold like secrets whispered in the breeze. Their vivid hue adds a touch of drama and playfulness, while their Dr. Seuss-like stems lend natural texture and dimension.
2. Yellow Roses: Like sunbeams captured in petals, the yellow roses radiate warmth and joy. Their velvety softness invites admiration and evokes feelings of happiness.
3. Orange Roses: These fiery blooms ignite passion and enthusiasm. Their vibrant color symbolizes desire and creativity, making them a perfect addition to this lively bouquet.
4. Yellow Chrysanthemums: These daisy-like blossoms bring abundance and longevity. Their golden centers mirror the sun’s glow, while their petals create a soft, textured backdrop.
5. Purple Tulips: Graceful and elegant, the tulips sway gently, their slender stems supporting cup-shaped blooms. Their regal purple tones add a touch of romance and sophistication.
6. Yellow Snapdragons: Vertical and proud, snapdragons resemble miniature spires. Their lemon-yellow hues create vertical accents that draw the eye upward, like sunrays reaching for the sky.
7. Green Hellebores: Also known as Lenten roses, hellebores add an air of mystery. Their nodding blooms, often veined with darker hues, symbolize hope and rebirth.
The green foliage provides a refreshing contrast.

Arrangement Tips:
• Geometry and Balance: Notice how repetition plays a key role in this arrangement. The clustered blooms create harmonious balance, while varying heights add dimension.

Care and Longevity: To keep your Bursting Bouquet at its best:
• Snip stems at a 45-degree angle to maximize water intake.
• Fill the vase with lukewarm water to revive wilted blooms and enhance color.
• Keep water levels low to prevent stem rot.
• Place the bouquet away from harsh direct sunlight; these delicate flowers prefer a cool room.
• Change the water every other day to maintain freshness.

Radiate Joy: Display this bouquet where it catches the light—on a dining table, a windowsill, or a bedside stand. Let its vibrant energy infuse your space with joy and beauty. Remember, floral arrangements are poetry in petals, and your Bursting Bouquet tells a story of spring’s awakening.

Sizes Available:
• Deluxe: Approximately 12"W x 8"H
• Premium: 16"W x 10"H
• Exquisite: 18"W x 12"H

• Each bouquet is handcrafted, ensuring attention to detail and freshness.
• Varieties and colors may vary based on seasonal availability, making each Sunshine Bouquet unique.