Caring for your Spathyphillum (Peace Lily)

In spring and summer

The Spathiphyllum hates direct sun but still needs bright indirect sunlight.

  • Place your Spathiphyllum near a window where any sunray's won't hit it.
  • It must also be set quite far from any heating device because these tend to make the air very dry.  It likes humidity between 50 & 60%.
  • After any chance of freezing has disappeared, usually from May onwards, you can even let it travel to a spot outside.  Remember though, it fears sunburn so keep it out of the sun.

Your Spathiphyllum should be watered regularly.  There is no need to drown the plant because its roots might not appreciate it.

  • Water abundantly under the faucet but let the water drip out before returning to its pot.
  • Allow the surface to dry out before watering again. Weekly watering should provide plenty of water but your plant will let you know if it needs water in between by drooping.  Try to avoid allowing this as it does take a toll on the plant.
  • Every 2 to 3 weeks water with liquid fertilizer to increase blooming and ensure proper leaf growth.
  • If you do not get any blooms, try moving the plant into a brighter area away from sunrays.

In fall and winter

The plant will fare much better in a cooler room where temperatures are between 60 to 63°F (16 to 17°C).  If that’s not possible, set the plant near a north facing window that is away from any heat source. 

The plant is entering its dormant state and needs to be left alone.  You must slowly space the watering and suspend adding fertilizer or organic matter.