Cut Flower Care

Water wisely

  • It is important to always keep fresh flowers in water as they continue to "drink" even after they are cut. Exposure to air, even for a brief time, may cause the water-absorbing cells in the stem to shrivel and seal over. This can dramatically shorten the life of your floral bouquet.
  • Every day, add fresh, room temperature water that is properly mixed with the flower food provided with your floral bouquet. Carefully follow the directions on your flower food packet; the treated water shouldn´t be too diluted or too cloudy.
  • Conditioning water with "home remedies" in lieu of flower food is not beneficial and may even shorten the longevity of your flowers.
  • Most wilted flowers can be revived by submerging the entire stem up to the flower head in warm water for 10 minutes.

 Cut stems at an angle

  • Every few days, re-cut fresh flower stems diagonally under running water (ideally with a knife rather than scissors so as not to smash the stems). Trimming flower stems at a 45◦ angle prevents them from sitting flat on the bottom of the vase, which can block water uptake.  See instructions below for information on flowers in floral foam before removing flowers from your bouquet.
  • A common myth suggests cutting the stem vertically to allow more water absorption. No scientific proof supports this myth. In fact, cutting stems vertically destroys the cell structure, causing bacteria growth and hindering water absorption.

 Prune daily

  • Remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water in your vase. These will rot and create bacteria, which can shorten the life of your floral bouquet.
  • Some flowers will bloom quickly, others slowly. Over time, prune away dead blossoms, as this will encourage other blooms to open. As flowers wither, you may want to remove them from the floral bouquet and move the remaining blooms to a smaller vase.

Avoid heat & drafts

Display your flowers in a place protected from heat-generating appliances, direct sunlight and drafts such as fans. High temperatures and sunlight cause flowers to mature at a faster rate, which will shorten their lifespan.

Bouquets with floral foam

If your bouquet is in a container with floral foam, it is not a good idea to cut the stems regularly as the foam will get too many holes and cause problems.  Do keep the foam watered with flower food and follow all of the other helpful tips above.